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Obama Said to Support Tax on Health Insurance

According to the Associated Press, President Obama has encour

Tough Challenge Facing Obama Administration in Last Days of Budget Deliberations

Today’s New York Times article on the difficulty President Obama faces in keeping his promise about deficit reduction and tax cuts,
Dec 16, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

Note to Citi: Get Your Fiscal House In Order!

The IRS has agreed to give up billions in tax money in exchange for Citigroup’s repurchase of $20 billion of its assets held by TARP.

Event Recap: Release of 'Red Ink Rising'

On December 14, the Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform

Peterson-Pew in the Press

The Peterson-Pew Commission’s “Red Ink Rising” plan for American lawmakers has earned s

The Grassroots Talk Fiscal Stewardship

Citizens from across the country had a message yesterday for lawmakers: we are working together to solve our fiscal challenges, why can’t you
Dec 4, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

Time for Tax Reform

Today, the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) was scheduled to release its recommendations on reforming the tax code. Although they...
Dec 3, 2009 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

House Votes to Make Estate Tax Permanent

The House today voted to avoid eliminat

Considering a War Tax

Update: An editorial in

Reports Roundup

A number of very interesting and relevant government reports have come out this week. Check them out: