Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Fiscal Plans

Jan's Plan

For about a week now, we've been telling critics of the Co-Chairs' Plan to

Another Blue-Ribbon Group Weighs In

The drumbeat for action to reduce our long-term debt continues.

NTU, US PIRG and Heritage Get Specific

Yesterday was a big day for getting specific as the

United Kingdom Outlines $130 Billion in Savings

Budgeteers have been closely watching the United Kingdom during the past six months, as Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and Prime Minist

A Thousand Cuts: The Tax Version

The Center for American Progress recently released "A Thousand

The House GOP “Pledge to America”

Today the Republican caucus of the House of Representatives released an agenda-setting document as a part of its strategy to take control of the Ho

A Thousand Cuts...

The Center for American Progress released a paper yesterday titled "