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Fiscal Plans

Rep. Brady Introduces CUTS Act of 2011

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) has introduced legislation called the

Chambliss and Warner: The New Debt Reduction Dream Team

This morning, Senators Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) and Mark Warner (D-VA)

Updated: CRFB's Table Comparing Deficit Reduction Plans

Over the past few weeks, several other think tanks, lawmakers, and experts have proposed their own plans for deficit reduction.

The Center for American Progress Gets Specific

Today, the Center for American Progress released a plan to g

Stern Releases Plan to Lower the Budget Deficit...and the "Investment Deficit"

Today, Andy Stern, a member of the Fiscal Commission, released the

CRFB's Table Comparing Deficit Reduction Plans

Since the Fiscal Commission released its final report yesterday, CRFB has updated its

The Fiscal Commission's Plan

The co-chairs of the President's fiscal commission today released the deficit reduction 

'Our Fiscal Security' Gets Specific

You might have missed it last week if you were preparing to chow down on some turkey, but

10 Themes Emerging from the New Debt Reduction Plans

We at CRFB have been calling for people to Get Specific on ways to deal with our long-term fiscal crisis for quite some time.

Ryan-Rivlin Health Care Plan Unveiled

Many of the recent debt reduction plans—including, the fiscal commission's